About The Afrona

What is the Afrona?

The Afrona is a satin-lined hat designed to keep your curls and volume intact 

What the Afrona is NOT

The Afrona is NOT only for curly hair

The Afrona keeps most hairstyles frizz free & intact, including dreaded, braided, straightened & more. The only difference is that when the Afrona is worn by someone with curly hair it stands up, hence our slogan "Stand Your Crown"

The Afrona is NOT a bonnet

The Afrona is unlike any other hat on the market today (patent-pending). The Afrona is different from a bonnet because 
  1. It stylish to wear out
  2. It has 2 open ends instead of 1
  3. Can be worn more than 5 different ways
  4. It won't flatten your hair

How will the Afrona Help my Hair?

  1. Prevent it from becoming flat during the day and while you sleep
  2. Satin-lining fights frizz, tangles, breakage and moisture-loss
  3. Keeps hairstyles fresh, reducing the need to refresh, rewash & re-do it
  4. Improves the health of your hair by protecting from damage caused by:

What makes the Afrona so special?

  1. It's patent-pending design allows even the biggest & curliest hair to keep its shape
  2. It has function and style. It can be worn to bed & kept on during the day as part of your outfit. 
  3. It comes in different sizes to be fitted to look best on you (more info below)
  4. It can be worn more than 5 different ways

Afrona in Beanie StyleAfrona in Open Crown StyleHeadbandAfrona is Crown StyleAfrona in Scarf StyleAfrona in Crown Bun Style

How can I use The Afrona in my day to day life?

The Afrona is versatile, functional and stylish. It can easily become your go-to for your daily life

 Afrona Sizes 

 Imagine wearing a size Large shirt when in fact you are a size Small. More than likely the shirt will look baggy, unfitted and unflattering on you. Same goes for the Afrona. If the Afrona it too big, not only will it not look good, but it can actually flatten your hair and if it's too short it won't completely cover your hair defeating its purpose. 

 The Afrona comes in 4 different sizes that vary by length (the width is the same) that factor in your unique hair type, texture and volume. This unique feature ensures that the Afrona will be fitted and look its best on you.     

Find your Size HERE

Different Styles 

The Afrona comes in 2 different styles. Mirabal (pronounced (Mee - ra - baal)) which does not have a stitched gathering (left) and Anacaona (pronounced (Ah - na - kah - oh - na) ) which has a stitched gathered at the forehead. 


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