About Us


About Woven Royal

Our Mission

We help women feel beautiful, powerful and supported being who they are.

Our Story

Founder, Charlene (pictured with the sewing machine above)

I had an internship that I loved working outside most of the day, teaching youth how to garden and cook their own food. But the sun hats I wore to protect my hair would flatten it, and without a hat my hair would fry in the sun. I felt like I couldn't be myself and look like myself at the same time, and I wanted to have both. After many trials and errors, I sketched up the Afrona, taught myself how to sew and began Woven Royal in my parents spare room. Now each Afrona is handmade a few miles up at a renovated mill in Peabody, Massachusetts. 


Our Why

To us, Woven Royal means that you are not born Royal, you become it. Your experience, background, triumphs and defeats are Woven to create YOU; a magnificent being that should not be flattened, changed or subdued.  We exist to support and honor all that you are, especially your crown. 

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