Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Afrona?

The Afrona is a Patent-Pending hat designed to keep your curls and volume intact.

I don't have curly hair. Will the Afrona work for me?

Yes! The Afrona helps maintain all types and styles intact, frizz free, healthy and protected. The only difference is that the Afrona stands up with curly hair. If you like to wear your hair more than one way (straightened, braided, etc.) the Afrona will protect all of your hair styles. 


    Why do the Afronas come in different sizes?

    In order for the Afrona to keep your curls intact, it must stand up when it is worn. Differences in hair type, volume and length call for different sizes in order to provide your hair with full coverage and ensure that the Afrona stands up when it is worn.

    *Sizes only differ in length not width* The circumference of all Afronas are 20.5"

    How do I determine my Afrona size?

    By using our size chart. Find it here.


    Take our Afrona Size Quiz HERE


      Will my hair outgrow my Afrona?

      It is possible but unlikely that you will outgrow your Afrona, with the exception of  purchasing an Afrona when your hair is at chin/neck length. This is because as your curly hair grows its volume typically remains the same. Therefore, you can enjoy your Afrona for many years to come. 

      Will the elastic stretch over time?

      The elastic does stretch slightly over time adjusting to your comfort. Washing it speeds up this process. 

      Afrona Care

      Can I use the Afrona for oil-treatments? 

      It is not recommended that you use the Afrona for oil treatments. The oil can bleed through the satin and onto the exterior fabric, staining the Afrona and anything else you lay on. If you do add oil to your hair, while wearing the Afrona, do so in a very small amount. 

      Can I wash my Afrona?

      It is recommended that you wash your Afrona in the gentle cycle and to line dry. Putting your Afrona in the dryer can cause the exterior fabric to shrink making the it disproportionate to the lining. Also, your Afrona will last longer when you line dry it.  

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