The Afrona


What is the Afrona ?


The Afrona is a satin-lined hat specially designed to keep the shape of your curls and volume in tact. It is functional enough to wear to bed and stylish enough to wear out. The Afrona has two open ends instead of one. This feature allows your hair to lift up, preventing it from ever going flat, even while you sleep. It also has a drawstring that lets you style the Afrona in different ways and that opens and closes to give your hair complete coverage and protection against damage caused by the cold, UV rays and humidity.


Is the Afrona for me?


The Afrona is specially designed for people with curly and voluminous hair. However, it is also great for dreads, weaves, braids, straight hair, anyone really. It’s works for people who want to quickly wrap their hair up, prevent frizz, protect their hair from damage and avoid the dreaded hat hair. The only difference is that when the Afrona is worn by someone with curly and voluminous hair, it stands up hence “Stand Your Crown”. However any person with any hair type can use the Afrona and get the same benefits as someone with curly hair.


What Does the Afrona Do?

  1. Saves your hair

    • Prolongs the life of your curls and volume

    • Prevents frizz and retains your hairs’ natural moisture

    • Protects your hair from damage caused by sun exposure and the harsh cold

  2. Saves you time

    • The Afrona goes on in seconds, giving you the look of a head-wrap without the hassle of putting one on.

    • Spend less time on hair maintenance. Get your hair ready for bed quickly and without the need to revive your curls or volume in the morning.

  3. Saves you money

    • Hair lasts on average 3 days longer with the Afrona, that means less product (and water) in your hair and more money in your wallet.

    • No more need to jump from bonnet, to wrap, to hat. The Afrona is so stylish that you can keep it on when you wake up in the morning and with more than 5 different ways to wear. It is all is all you need to keep your hair flourishing.


How does the Afrona work?

Watch our video on how to put on the Afrona.


For the Afrona to “Stand Your Crown”. It is important that you select the correct size for your hair. Directions are found here and on our product page.

With the Afrona you can get your beauty rest in peace and seize the day without worry because it keeps your curls and volume just as you left them before you put it on, big and beautiful.

Are you ready to Stand Your Crown?

Different Ways to Wear the Afrona