What is the Afrona?

A specially designed satin-lined hat that keeps your hair’s shape, texture and volume in tact.

How does the Afrona function?

The Afrona has 2 open ends instead of 1, like traditional hats do which allow you to lift up your hair as opposed to flatten it down. It remains inside of the satin-lining cocooned and protected so when you take it off your curls and volume are intact.

How do I put on the Afrona?

Bring the Afrona up over your head down down until it reaches your neck, then grab the drawstring end and pull directly up until all of you hair is in the Afrona tie the drawstring end of hat. Find our tutorial and more video on our tutorial page.

The Afrona flops down when I put it on. I want it to stand.

It could be that your hair does not have enough volume to fill in the Afrona for it to stand or that the Afrona size you chose is too big for your afro-height. To mitigate try shortening the hat by rolling up either ends or bringing in just the shell fabric towards your forehead. You can see how this is done in our video here.

Can I purchase your items at retail stores?

No, at Woven Royal we only accept direct orders. However, you can find us in events that we do across the United States. Find us here.

Do you ship Internationally?

What is your shipping policy?

what is your return policy? I want to return the Afrona can I? I want to exchange the Afrona can I?

Can I purchase wholesale?

I want to host an Afrona party, how can I do that?

I want to help Woven Royal, how can I contribute/get involved?

I want to work for Woven Royal, how can I?

Any other questions?

Have another question that is not on our list. Please send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.