Being Yourself is Scary


Woven Royal and the Afrona is much more than a business and product to me. It is an extension of who I am and of my fundamental beliefs. I believe that the best way to love ourselves and know our worth is by being our true selves and having the opportunity to be who we want to be.

Sometimes, being yourself and putting yourself in the public eye can be scary. Sharing to the world who you truly are and what you believe sometimes feels like standing naked in a crowded room. For me sharing what I have been working on for the past year, thinking, obsessing and investing in day in and day out and offering it to you, makes my stomach turn. I was afraid that I won’t deliver something of worth.

Woven Royal provides me a space in which I can express who I truly am and the Afrona allows me to look like my true self while living the life I choose. I am offering this product to the world with the hope that it does the same for you.

It is ironic that I am struggling with the same things that I want to see less of in the world. I want being ourselves and knowing our worth to be the norm, not the exception and yet here I am, afraid and insecure.

The truth is that exposing who I truly am may continue to bring up fear for me. However, what I also know is that it’s better to share my fears, my thoughts, my truth then to hold it in and not live it out.

I write this to keep my end of the bargain and be honest and true to myself. My hope is that everything that I create with Woven Royal encourages you to be who you truly are and help you be the person that you want to become.

Charlene Pena Founder of Woven Royal and creator of the Afrona.

Charlene Pena Founder of Woven Royal and creator of the Afrona.