Our Mission

To help people prosper and flourish by protecting who they truly are and supporting who they want to be.

We believe that when we have the freedom to be ourselves and express who we truly are, we are able to connect with the inner part of us that is royal. The part of us that is courageous, worthy and dignified. And we believe that when we have the opportunity to be what we want to be, that is when we are able to prosper and flourish.


Our Product

The Afrona is the only hat of its kind made for curly and voluminous hair. It lets you be you and allows you to embrace your inner royalty. The Afrona lifts your hair up as opposed to flatten it down allowing you to Stand Your Crown and protect and preserve your curls and volume.


Each Afrona is handcrafted and handmade and lined with our signature purple satin to honor the inner royal that lives in all of us.


Our Founder & Story


Charlene is the youngest of six and the only one in her family with very curly hair (she’s always been a little different). Her family migrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic before she was born and in 2017, she felt a pull to experience her heritage firsthand. During this time, Charlene also began testing different ways to protect her hair while keeping her curls and volume intact. In November of 2017, with a sketch of the Afrona in her hand, Charlene flew down to live in the Dominican Republic for three months. There, she created the first ever Afrona with the help of a seamstress named Fela. Fela lived in poverty in a difficult neighborhood. When the Afrona was finally completed, Fela and Charlene rejoiced at their accomplishment.


Charlene had to return to the states, and without the help of a seamstress, she taught herself how to sew. She spent months perfecting the design and her skills until she finally made the Afrona that she felt was just right. Charlene continues to hand make each Afrona. Her dream is to return to the Dominican Republic and contract women like Fela to help people like her prosper and flourish by protecting their craft and supporting their work so that they have the freedom to be who they want to be.