The Afrona

The Afrona Original with Gathering in Navy Blue.

The Afrona Original with Gathering in Navy Blue.


Afrona Features

  1. The Afrona has two open ends instead one. This unique feature is what allows your hair to retain is shape, texture and volume in tact. It lifts your hair up as opposed to flatten it down.

  2. Bamboo fabric on the exterior of the Afrona is natural and eco-friendly. The fabric is long-lasting and soft to the touch. Bamboo is great for all seasons wear. Making it comfortable and strong enough to use all day and all year.

  3. All of our hats are lined with our signature purple charmeuse satin. Our satin prevents frizz and retains your hair’s natural moisture and the purple represents the royalty that we believe exists in all of us.

  4. All of our labels feature the name of the person who handmade your Afrona.

  5. The drawstring on the hat allows you to have more versatility and experiment with many different styles including an open bun hat where your hair is out, a closed bun hat where your hair is inside the hat and as a scarf.

  6. The Afrona comes in two styles, the traditional without the gathering and the original with the gathering. These distinct styles allow you to dress up or down your Afrona’s the way you want.